C Section Scar

Understanding a C Section Scar


If you are about to go for a C section, understanding a C section scar would be quite important for you. Apart from the pain and trouble that you would have to go into for having a cesarean, you would definitely worry about the consequences of the operation. A C section scar is made in the lower abdomen of the woman’s body and through this incision, the baby is taken out.The length of this C section scar is totally dependent on the size of baby you would have and it is not possible to predict it before the birth. However, most women are definitely concerned about the possibility of a C section scar and the treatment or precautions that are required for effective scar reduction without any major side effects.


Taking Care of a C Section Scar


It is not hard for you to take care of your C section scar after you are done with the delivery, and you can easily follow these steps at home for making sure that the cesarean section scar is healing gradually. While you are recovering from a C section, you need to make sure that you do not stretch or stress the C section scar in any way. Putting too much pressure and not taking proper care might increase the C section scar healing period and might lead to C section scar bleeding. Also, you need to make sure that you are carrying out proper cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene while you are dealing with a C section scar. C section scarring can also be taken care of through the regular use of the prescribed scar cream which can help in the slow and gradual C section scar healing. However, if you are still not satisfied with the results of these basic simple steps, you can easily go for the C section scar removal treatments which have come up these days.


C Section Scar Removal


Today, there are various options for quick C section scar removal and some of them have become quite popular. One of those options is the silicone scar treatments, carried out through the means of silicon sheets. These silicon sheets can easily take care of the swelling and redness of the scar. Further, they can help in C section scar reduction and work as a nice covering for your C section scar.